How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

For current fashion trends, Crocs footwear has become a unique symbol of comfort and youthful, individual style. However, the development of Crocs has also made many counterfeit products increasingly popular. So how to know if Crocs is original or fake? Let's find out with Crocs some ways to spot original Crocs shoes from fakes in a much simpler way!

1. How to spot original Crocs shoes you should know

When you put your trust in the comfort and quality of Crocs footwear, wanting to own the genuine product is very important. Below are some ways worth considering so you can spot original (genuine) Crocs footwear more easily.

Method 1: Check the product design

An outstanding design feature of genuine Crocs is the circulation grooves on the outsole, supporting grip on contact surfaces. This design makes Crocs the top choice for people who travel frequently, while also creating absolute comfort.

Furthermore, the shoe cushion (inner sole) has integrated massage particles that help increase blood circulation in the feet, bringing health benefits. Meanwhile, fake Crocs can imitate massage particles, but they do not bring health benefits like genuine Crocs. Note that the inside of the shoe, in addition to the massage beads, may or may not have the Crocs Iconic Comfort logo depending on the product line, so this will not be a feature to distinguish genuine Crocs.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Distinguish product design

Method 2: Check the shoe straps

Another point to recognize genuine Crocs is that they have flexible adjustable straps (commonly found in Clog shoes and sandals with straps). You can adjust the strap forward and wear it like regular sandals. Or place the swing straps backwards for a more secure step every time you move. Besides, on the strap of this shoe there will be the Crocs brand name embossed, one of the notable signs for you to distinguish from fake Crocs.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

The Crocs logo is embossed on the shoe straps

In particular, for the All-Terrain, Hiker product lines specializing in experiential exploration activities, or the Echo line, which is very popular in 2023, the shoe straps will be made of parachute fabric with stickers on both sides. so that you can adjust the expansion according to your needs. In the middle of the strap is a plastic cushion made of Croslite material with an embossed Crocs logo to help keep the heel comfortable all day long.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Distinctive shoe strap design of the All-terrain line

Method 3: Check the product's Duke crocodile logo

One of the important ways to determine the authenticity of Crocs products is to check the Duke logo. However, it should be noted that not all Crocs products have the Duke crocodile logo, but it depends on the collection. The Duke logo currently appears in the following 3 collections:

Clog Classic low-heeled and Platform high-soled lines: these are two classic Crocs product lines from the early days, with a typical closed-toe design, back straps and 26 Jibbitz eyelets. The Duke crocodile logo is shown in 2 colors black and white and is located right at the rotating button of the strap.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Crocband line with 2 product types: Clog and Flip-flops with vertical stripes around the sole, bringing a sporty and healthy feeling to users. The Duke crocodile logo with 2 colors white - red or white - pink appears irregularly along the upper sides of the low-soled closed-toe Clog shoes.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

In contrast to Clog, the Duke crocodile logo appears delicately at the central connection position of the Crocband flip-flops strap.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Bayaband line: Stylized from the Crocband line with vertical stripes around the sole combined with a prominent Crocs logo on the side. The white and black Duke 2 crocodile logo appears at the back strap button to help highlight the user's dynamic personality style.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

For products using the Duke crocodile logo, there will be visual signs that you can check as follows:

- Crocodile with two eyes: Crocs' crocodile logo usually has the design of a crocodile with two eyes, which should not be skewed or blurred.

- There are six marks on the back: On the back of the crocodile, there are six marks creating a unique pattern. Consider the amount and clarity of scars.

- Crocs' crocodile logo has 2 hands: This logo has speed in its design, including two crocodile hands, each hand has 3 fingers.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Duke crocodile logo on Clog Classic products

Method 4: Check the logo button on the product

The next simple way to distinguish between real and fake Crocs shoes is the logo button detail on the back strap. Although each line will have a different logo button style, genuine Crocs products are often designed clearly and delicately. The color of the logo on genuine Crocs is usually very bright and does not fade.

Some visual details of the logo button that you can refer to are the Crocs brand name embossed symmetrically placed in a circular logo button (Classic line) or the crocs letter embossed in an oval shape (Literide line). . At the same time, the color of this logo button will change flexibly to match the color tone of the product. Meanwhile, fake Crocs often have poor quality, unaesthetic or unclear printed logo buttons.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

The difference between the logo button of the regular Literide and Classic series

Notably, the Literide product line, previously on Literide clogs, in addition to the oval Crocs logo button on the straps, also had jibbitz accessories with the words "Lite" and "Ride". However, according to the latest update from the Company, future production batches will no longer have this jibbitz accessory included. This change is intended to encourage maximum creativity of customers when using Crocs, helping them freely transform Crocs according to their preferences with Jibbitz accessories. Therefore, if the product you buy does not have these two typical jibbitz types, there is no need to worry. Check to see if the Crocs logo button on your shoes has all the correct details!

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

The logo button on the product will change the icon for some special collab lines

In addition, for collab product lines in cooperation with famous brands, the logo button will be specially designed to represent the identity of the brand that Crocs cooperates with. For example, collab product lines such as Spiderman, Jurassic World, Ottogi...

Method 5: Check the product's material

One of the important factors to distinguish genuine Crocs shoes from fake ones is the material used. Genuine Crocs are made from a proprietary plastic material called Croslite™, also known as closed cell plastic.

Croslite™ material is an important part that makes Crocs different from countless other products on the market. The characteristics of Croslite™ are very light weight, high durability, flexibility and good anti-slip ability. More specifically, Croslite™ material has no air bubbles inside. Therefore, after you have used them for a while, Crocs shoes still retain their original shape without collapsing like fake products.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

On the contrary, fake Crocs often use rubber material, which is heavier and easily slippery on wet surfaces. Testing the materials is an effective way to determine the authenticity of Crocs shoes, while ensuring that you are investing in a quality and comfortable product.

Method 6: Check the label/tag to distinguish real and fake Crocs

To distinguish between real and fake Crocs shoes, you can check the label or tag that comes with the product. All genuine Crocs are tagged and the tag usually has a separate barcode. Each pair of Crocs shoes will correspond to a unique product code.

For genuine products at Crocs, the tag will include sub-stamps clearly showing information about the product's origin, materials, distributor information... This is also an information. important information to determine the legal nature of the product.

However, on the market today there are many fake products with sophisticated tags, including fake barcodes. Therefore, you need to look carefully at other small details on the tag to differentiate.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

Labels and tags help distinguish original Crocs footwear

Genuine Crocs always pay attention to detail, while counterfeits often have errors or ambiguities in the information on the tag. Checking the tag can help you determine whether the shoes are genuine or fake.

Method 7: Check the feeling when using the product

The way to distinguish between genuine and fake Crocs shoes is the difference in the feeling when using the product. The main material of Crocs footwear is Croslite™ plastic, which brings a different experience to the feet. You will feel maximum support with lightweight, soft, non-restrictive cushioning and enough space to move freely when in use.

How to spot Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs: 12+ FASTEST WAYS

The feeling when used also helps distinguish genuine products

In addition, a special point is that genuine Crocs are very light, weighing only a few hundred grams, helping you feel light when moving. In particular, the product's design supports ventilation, creating a cool feeling during use.

In contrast, fake Crocs shoes are often made from rough materials, which can feel stiff, uncomfortable and lack the lightness and flexibility that is considered the identity of Crocs. When you wear fake Crocs shoes, you will feel a huge difference compared to when you wear genuine Crocs.

Method 8: Observe the outsole to distinguish between real and fake Crocs

One of the important ways to distinguish between real and fake Crocs shoes is to check the outsole of the shoes. Genuine Crocs usually have all of the following information stamped on the sole:

- Brand name: Crocs™

- Crocs US website address:

- Size information: Genuine Crocs shoe sizes will be shown in US size, in the form of both letters and numbers. For example:

M5W7 => Unisex size with letters “M” and “W”

W5 => Women's size with the letter “W”

M7 => size for Men with the letter “M”

C6, C7, C8, C9, C10 => sizes for children from 1 - 5 years old with the letter "C"

J1, J2, J3 => sizes for children 5 years and older with the letter “J”

- Origin information: Made in Vietnam (made in Vietnam) or Made in China (made in China) - These are the two largest Crocs shoe processing markets in the world, imported products into the Vietnamese market Common yeast is produced mainly in these two markets. In addition, you can also encounter products made in Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico.... After being produced in these markets, products will undergo a strict quality inspection process and be transported to the focused market of Singapore, from there distributed to other countries.

Looking at the soles can easily spot original Crocs

*Origin information is often displayed on the sole of the shoe for normal Classic lines. For high-soled lines such as Crush, Mega Crush, Siren... origin information will be displayed on the inside of the shoe or the inside of the back strap.

In addition, collab product lines (cooperation with famous brands around the world) will have some other special information related to that product line.

If you discover any omissions in the information on the soles of Crocs shoes, especially missing the Crocs brand name, missing the "™" symbol after the Crocs logo, no size information or no Crocs US website address, can be a sign that the shoes may not be authentic.

Method 9: Check the product packaging

When you buy Crocs products online on the official website of Crocs Vietnam, the product will be contained in a nylon bag with the black Crocs logo and locked with a zip bag, transported in a sturdy carton to preserve the product. Products. At the same time, you will also see a strip of green tape and the Crocs logo sealed on the outside, along with ordering information when receiving the product. Note, all packaged accessories are printed with the Crocs brand name in accordance with international standards.

Crocs packaging when ordering through the website

If you buy Crocs products at the store, the shoes are usually packaged in a green paper bag with the Crocs brand name printed on them.

Crocs paper bags when shopping at the official Crocs Vietnam store system

Note that genuine Crocs focuses on quality products rather than elaborate packaging design, so pay attention to check some simple markings on the packaging and make sure it matches the model specifications. described above when purchasing the product.

Method 10: Verify the friction of the sole

To spot between real and fake Crocs shoes, you can check the friction of the sole. Genuine Crocs often use Croslite sole material, especially on the outsole. This material has good friction, helping you not slip when walking on wet or slippery surfaces.

Genuine Crocs material has very good friction

However, fake Crocs shoes often use other materials, often mixed rubber. This material has less friction, can make you more slippery and susceptible to wear over time. When buying Crocs shoes, check the sole for friction by touching the outsole. If they feel smooth and have no friction, it may be a sign that the Crocs shoes are not genuine. Real Crocs often have higher friction to ensure safety when used.

Method 11: Look carefully for errors on the product

To spot between original and fake Crocs shoes, carefully check for errors on the product. Genuine Crocs are often manufactured to high quality standards and thoroughly tested before being released to the market. On the contrary, fake products often have errors and are unsightly. Consider the following points to detect defects in the product:

- Cracks: Fake Crocs often have cracks and chips on the surface of the product, especially on the sole and straps.

- Connection details on shoes: Genuine Classic products are molded in one piece so there are no welds. For the Literide line, due to the formation of the sole and body of the shoe with glue, some small glue stains may appear. Therefore, if you buy a product with signs contrary to the above descriptions, there is a high possibility that it is a fake.

- Logos and text on the product: Fake Crocs have logos and details related to the brand that are not designed clearly and fully.

Please carefully check the details for common product defects

Before delivering products to consumers, Crocs always checks for signs of substandard performance and only delivers quality products. However, it is difficult to avoid small errors during the QC process. To ensure the rights of consumers, when purchasing genuine Crocs Vietnam products, you will be able to return the product within 5 to 15 days if the product is found to be defective.

Method 12: Check the color of the product

Checking the color of Crocs footwear can help you determine the authenticity of the product. If you see an incorrect color that is not an official color variation compared to the official website, it may be a sign of a fake product. To ensure you own genuine Crocs shoes, always carefully check the color information on genuine websites before shopping.

Product color is also one of the signs that helps you choose genuine Crocs

2. Where to buy original (genuine) Crocs footwear products?

To ensure you're getting genuine Crocs footwear, it's important to buy them from trusted sources. Below are places where you can search and buy genuine Crocs footwear products:

Crocs Vietnam store: This is a great choice to buy genuine Crocs shoes. You can refer to the Crocs Vietnam store system to immediately find a store near your area. Buying directly at a brick-and-mortar store helps you check the product before buying and can receive advice from staff. In addition, at Crocs Vietnam you will be able to exchange/return goods within the specified time and with a genuine commitment.

Buy online through website Visit the official website of Crocs in Vietnam to shop for genuine Crocs, which will bring you convenience when shopping online no matter where you are in any province/city. any city in Vietnam, while ensuring you receive genuine, quality products and can refer to reviews from other users before placing an order. When shopping on the website, you will also receive free shipping, a 15-day return policy, a 30-day warranty policy and many other incentives.

Always check product information, reviews, and return/exchange policies when purchasing Crocs footwear to ensure you are receiving genuine and quality products. Wishing you a happy shopping experience at Crocs Vietnam.

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