How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Wide leg pants are one of the most popular fashion items among young people today. Wide leg pants bring youthfulness, generosity, and style to the wearer. Known as the "flattering" pants that can accommodate many body shapes and has the ability to mix & match flexibly. What to wear with wide leg pants?

1. What shirt is best worn with wide-leg pants?

1.1. Combine wide-leg jeans with a crop top

If your outfit mix forgets crop tops and wide-leg pants, your outfit has lost some of its appeal and sexiness. Just need to be a little clever in combining wide-leg pants and you can accentuate your slim waist and long legs.

Currently, crop top models have a bit of personality and elegance when combined with high-waisted wide-leg jeans to create a trendy outfit that is especially loved by young people. This is also a way to coordinate clothes with wide-leg pants for short people and those of modest height can pocket it to "hack" their shape!

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Wide leg jeans + crop top + Crocs shoes are a hot trend among young people

A little more suggestion for you, try combining a crossbody handbag and stylish Crocs Echo shoes when combining with wide-leg jeans. More impressive, right?

1.2. How to wear wide leg pants with cardigan

Cardigan sweaters are easy to transform, beautiful and elegant, and can completely become a perfect item with wide-leg pants. This outfit coordination formula is also very easy to apply, not too picky about body shape or situation. Therefore, if you want to wear youthful, trendy and warm clothes in the fall and winter, you must definitely keep this suggestion in mind.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Wide leg pants and Cardigan bring elegant, trendy Korean style

Not only that, this is also a Korean-style outfit combination for boys pursuing the "soft boy" style. This outfit makes you really stand out with just the basic combination of wide-leg pants and a shirt. plain elastic and cardigan. Simple but no less elegant, right?

1.3. Womens wide leg pants with stylized shirts

If you wake up one morning to go to work and you're struggling to know how to coordinate your clothes, try choosing a stylized shirt with wide-leg white pants! Wearing this set of clothes, the girls look very neat and pretty, and even more sweet. It's not surprising that colorful shirts combined with trousers or wide-leg jeans have become a fashion trend in Korea.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

More elegant when combining wide-leg pants with a stylized shirt

1.4. Mix and match wide-leg pants with hoodies

How to style wide leg trousers? For those who love street style, mixing it with a hoodie is a way to coordinate clothes with wide-leg pants that definitely cannot be absent in the autumn-winter wardrobe, rainy days or changing seasons, right? The outfit not only ensures warmth but also gives you a cool and attractive appearance.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Street style outfit set with equally outstanding personality Crocs Mega Crush

Besides wearing a single hoodie, you can also layer clothes with a long t-shirt inside. Finally, don't forget to choose a pair of active sneakers or a cool pair of Crocs Mega Crush along with a baseball cap or bucket to complete a beautiful, stylish and warm outfit for cold days! Street style wide leg jeans outfit.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Combine layers with a t-shirt inside to add attraction

1.5. Pair black wide-leg pants with a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are always the top choice not only for active women, but also a favorite among many men. Bomber jackets combined with black wide-leg pants help guys look more dashing.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Wide-leg pants with a bomber jacket - a favorite choice for those who like to be active

This style is loved by both men and women because of its simplicity and ease of coordination. Don't forget the indispensable accessories to add personality and fashion to your outfit such as active sports shoes, sunglasses or earrings and a sports cap to help the wearer exude an impressive street style temperament in the eyes of others. opposite.

1.6. Combine wide-leg pants with t-shirts and accessories

The combination of wide-leg pants with a T-shirt seems simple but brings youthful, dynamic and trendy colors. This is a very suitable choice for guys and girls to choose to wear when they don't have much time to prepare!

Although basic, this outfit still attracts the wearer because of its elegance and versatility. Mixing wide-leg pants with a t-shirt is a classic fashion combination that never goes out of style, suitable for any age or situation, from students to working people.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Combine wide-leg pants with t-shirts and simple accessories

Besides, wide-leg pants and t-shirts are both good figure-hiding items. Women don't have to worry about revealing fat or overweight flaws because simplicity is always the top choice when choosing clothes for fat people. This is definitely the most affordable way to coordinate clothes with wide-legged pants for fat people. With this item, girls with plus-sized bodies can confidently wear them to go out, go to school, or go to cafes with friends.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Outfit is simple but twice as comfortable when combined with Crocs shoes

To create a highlight for this combination, you can combine it with fashionable sneakers or Crocs flip-flops.

1.7. Combine wide-leg pants with a office blazer

What about straight-leg pants with a blazer? This is the outfit that has caused a stir in the market in recent years. Polite and a bit comfortable, not too stiff like when wearing a vest. This set of clothes is the choice of many young people when entering the office environment.

This combination brings simplicity, youthfulness, dynamism but still seriousness. Mixing it with a pair of high heels or sneakers, a watch, and a necklace also helps emphasize the new fashion and personality of the outfit.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Adding a blazer gives the party more "power" and makes it more attractive, right?

In particular, this combination is not picky about body shape, it is a perfect solution for combining clothes with wide-legged pants for fat people!

1.8. Pair wide-leg pants with a square neck shirt

With wide-leg pants, you can completely look feminine and seductive, showing off your sexy collarbones but also being equally stylish when properly mixed & matched with a body-hugging square neck shirt.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

More feminine when combining wide-leg pants with a square neck shirt

You can choose a tight-fitting, square-neck, long-sleeved shirt to look seductive while still being discreet. Wide-leg pants and tight square neck shirts are perfect for girls with pear-shaped bodies, small at the top and big at the bottom. With this outfit formula, you will look balanced, pretty, and many times more attractive.

1.9. Combine wide-leg trousers with sweater

And we can't help but mention combining wide-leg trousers with sweaters. This combination will suit those who pursue a youthful, gentle style. No fuss, just a plain sweater or printed with a few simple patterns along with a pair of bright wide-leg pants, you've got yourself a standard Korean outfit.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Combine wide-leg trousers with sweater - standard for dynamic fall-winter fashion

In addition, you can also wear high-necked shoes to add a better silhouette effect. Combining wide-leg pants with a sweater will give you more energy and charm than ever! White wide leg pants outfit

1.10. Combine wide-leg pants with a tank top

Girls who like sexy, feminine style will absolutely love the way they mix wide-leg pants and tank tops. Fashionable, sexy, youthful and comfortable helps her stand out when going out.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Simple set of clothes but with a pair of youthful and personality Crocs Siren makes you more attractive!

These are clothing sets that women currently love and prioritize for trips, cafes with friends, shopping...

1.11. Combine wide-leg pants with oversize shirts

If you like comfort and no fuss, you can choose to combine your outfit with wide-leg pants and a plain oversize t-shirt or with simple patterns and modern, youthful colors. This item is not picky about who wears it, the combination of wide-leg pants and oversize t-shirt will definitely help you "cheat your age" perfectly thanks to this dynamic outfit.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Pairing wide-leg pants with oversize T-shirts has never gone out of style with the GenZ generation

However, because both the pants and shirt are loose-fitting, you need to cut down on unnecessary accessories to still look neat, so you only need to highlight a pair of quality shoes and you'll be fine. And when it comes to quality shoes, take a look at the Crocs Classic Clog line, which is very popular thanks to its comfort, flexibility, and convenience when combined with a variety of fashion styles.

If you have a thin and small figure, you can tuck it in to make the whole outfit look less baggy!

1.12. Combine wide-leg pants with gile

Another way to coordinate clothes with wide-leg winter pants has a strong Korean feel. A thin vest and a pair of jeans are simple but still make you look elegant and elegant.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Combining a gile with a white shirt, a pair of wide-leg jeans and a pair of sneakers is always a safe choice because this outfit is suitable for all situations, whether going to work or going out.

1.13. Pair wide-leg pants with a turtleneck sweater

How to style summer wide leg jeans outfit? What shirt to wear with wide-leg pants on cold winter days to keep you warm but still stylish? Mix & match turtleneck sweaters with wide-leg jeans or khaki pants to create a very stylish image.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Turtleneck sweaters and wide-leg pants are the perfect combination for fall and winter style

Instead of wearing a safe loose style, try tucking in the front or the entire shirt to look more stylish. For girls, if you want to "hack" longer legs, try choosing a mid-length sweater so you don't need to tuck it in but still show off your height, or combine it with boots or a pair of Crocs Clogs for a truly unique look. Or plain sweaters and wide-leg jeans are easy to wear, you can "transform" this outfit into many different styles depending on your preferences and usage situations.

2. Where to buy genuine Crocs shoes? How much?

Above are suggestions for you to create many different fashion styles with trendy wide-leg pants. And especially, if you love Crocs footwear accessories to coordinate with this dynamic style, come immediately to Crocs Vietnam.

How to style wide leg pants outfit get ahead of the trend

Crocs footwear models are always considered to be both personal and stylish and can be combined with many types of outfits, suitable for those who love street style, personality, and difference. With unique designs and styles, Crocs always leads the trend and it is hard for anyone to resist the appeal of this fashion brand. Try combining wide-legged pants with Crocs, you will definitely get an attractive, unique, and unexpectedly new look!

To shop online or refer to all footwear and accessories products quickly, visit the Crocs Vietnam website. Here, we always update a variety of the latest products suitable for all ages, especially products for children from 1 year old and up that are extremely adorable and funny. You can completely rest assured with information security shopping policies, easy returns within up to 15 days, 30-day product warranty and free shipping for invoices from 500,000 VND, etc. It's easy, fast and convenient, isn't it?

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