In the modern fashion space, Getaway has emerged as a breath of fresh air, offering wearers the sensation of exploring freedom with every step in the Crocs Getaway collection!

Light steps, unlimited freedom - that’s what Getaway brings to you. Are you ready to try it?

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Getaway, as Light as a Cloud 

With the launch of the Crocs Getaway collection, the new Free Feel Technology™ has been applied to create flip-flops that are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. 

Free Feel Technology™ 

This technology provides a seamless experience, with a soft and flexible upper that allows you to move without any restrictions.

From the roomy and comfortable Getaway Flip for all-day wear, to the versatile Getaway Anytime Sandal, and finally the Getaway Strappy emphasizing unrestricted comfort - each product is a testament to technological breakthroughs and the distinctive style of Crocs. 

The Allure of Getaway

The Crocs Getaway collection proves that you don’t need to go far to experience the atmosphere of an exciting vacation. Each product in this collection is created with the desire to bring you a resort-like feeling at home or wherever you go.

The perfect combination of fashion style and comfort is the allure that makes Getaway the ideal companion, helping you enjoy everyday life like a dream trip. 

Getaway, You’ll Love It Right Away! 

With a wealth of designs, from Crocs Classic Ver.2 to Crocs Mellow , Crocs Getaway not only revitalizes fashion styles but also offers you a fresh perspective on caring for and protecting your feet. Getaway is not just your ordinary flip-flops - it symbolizes the Getaway lifestyle, where each step is not just a walk but also a colorful journey of exploration and unexpected comfort.
Get a pair of Crocs Getaway sandals today and make every step an adventure on your journey to feeling free!