Crocs' collection of Jibbitz sets of 5 is extremely diverse and colorful. They are not only accessories to attach to your Crocs, but they are also the item that best expresses your personality.


Various Jibbitz with favorite cartoon characters

Jibbitz accessories are diverse with extremely funny cartoon characters used to decorate Crocs. Some cartoon characters will appear in this collection of Crocs such as Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, Pokemon, ...

Jibbitz breaks out with dynamic sport

With the groundbreaking Jibbitz collection and active sports, you will express your own personality when wearing your favorite Crocs shoes. This makes the children more confident and excited to play sports. Jibbitz accessories are easy to put on and take off so you can change them out every day.

Stylish Jibbitz with fashionable beauty jewelry

Jibbitz accessories are more stylish and fashionable than ever when they are seen as sparkling jewelry on your Crocs. In particular, they are easy to disassemble and change, so you can unleash your creativity and express your personality in the style you choose every day..

Buy genuine Jibbitz accessories set of 5 at Crocs Vietnam

With the accessories Jibbitz set of 5 pieces, you will own yourself genuine Crocs sandals with your personality at a good price. You can buy goods at Crocs stores in Vietnam or buy online at website with many different Jibbitz products with various themes such as Jibbitz Sports, Jibbitz Smiley and Jibbitz Symbol and Sayings