• Time to return: 15 days with full-price products and 5 days with promotional products. 
  • Free 2-way return fee (applicable to product size exchange needs).
  • The process of recalling products and exchanging new products will take place at the same time. The product co-inspection process between the Customer and the Shipping Unit is a mandatory requirement when receiving exchanged products to ensure the rights and responsibilities of relevant parties.



  • Each product can only be exchanged 1 time (the products after exchange are not eligible for return policy again, except for manufacturer's fault).
  • Only applicable to products purchased on website of Crocs Vietnam.
  • Return of goods will be at the sole discretion of Crocs Vietnam and will be based on the price at the time of purchase or product of equivalent value.
  • Crocs Vietnam reserves the right to evaluate the returned/ defective item prior to performing any repair or exchange.
  • Crocs Vietnam reserves the right to amend the website's policies and conditions for promotional items and special offers at any time.

Terms and conditions of exchange - return

 1. Time to return the goods:

  • With full-price products: The return period for the order you have purchased at website is 15 days.
  • With promotional products: Only be exchanged with the same product within 05 days.

>> Loyal customers with the Crocs Universe tier will be able to return within 30 days, applicable to all full-price and promotional products.

>> Valid return time is counted from the date you receive the product (based on the postmark) until you proceed to send a return request to Crocs' information receiving channels such as: Crocs Vietnam mailbox / Facebook / Hotline.

2. Return requirements: The return order will not be accepted by Crocs Vietnam if it does not meet one of the following conditions

  • Unused, unwashed, not laundered, no strange smell.
  • Product with intact label, accompanying product box (if any).
  • Customers have orders’ information on website.
  • The goods are not faulty due to the storage and transportation of the user.
  • Exchange - return policy does NOT apply to product categories included in gifts, accessories.

3. Exchange-return process:

Customers are required to contact the customer service department or submit an online request at the purchase history in the customer's account via hotline, Fanpage or send a request for return to Crocsvietnam@crocs.com.vn when there is a need to exchange/ pay to get feedback on appropriate handling.

3.1 Exchange process

After the return request is confirmed validly, Crocs Vietnam will simultaneously recall the goods and deliver the product you want to exchange to you through the shipping unit. For product exchange orders, the process of co-checking the recalled product between you and the shipping unit is one of the mandatory conditions when you receive the exchanged product.

Nhat Tin shipping unit will have the right to check the product and refuse support if the product you return does not meet ONE OF CONDITIONS as following:

    • The order number matches the order information on the Crocs Vietnam website.
    • The product must still have original labels and tags attached to the product (except in cases where warranty products will no longer have labels).
    • The barcode of the returned product must match the information of the previously purchased product.
    • The product must not have a strange smell, used smell.
    • Reuse the Crocs carton box or another carton box for protective packaging and return the product to the shipping unit.

    In case you want to change to a product of higher value, please make up for the difference in the amount of the exchanged product. And vice versa, you will not be refunded the change if the exchanged product has a lower value than the purchased product.

    3.2 Return process:

    All requests of returns must be accepted in advance by Crocs.com.vn for proper handling. 

    Crocs Vietnam will first recall the goods that need to be returned to the warehouse, then the Warehouse department will check the status of your returned product. If the product meets the requirements as prescribed in section 2, Crocs will refund the order value in one of two forms: e-voucher refund for discounted goods or refund for full price goods (See more details in section 4. Time and form of refund).

    Eligible product return cases include:

    • You buy product at full price.
    • The product you want to exchange is no longer the right size and you have not found another product you like, the product will be accepted to be returned to the warehouse, and Crocs Vietnam will refund an e-voucher with a value equivalent to the product value so that you can have can be used in the near future. (E-voucher only applies at website crocs.com.vn, NOT at stores).

    3.3 Exchange-return fee:

    Customers will have complimentary delivery fees if a result of manufacturer’s error, or when customers make a request to change product size. For the remaining cases, customers are requested to pay all return costs. Customer Care Department will send an email for you to inform about the estimated shipping cost that you will pay. This fee has been partially supported by Crocs compared to the fee of the Carrier. The exchange / return will only be conducted when you confirm your agreement with this cost.

      *** Note:

        • Customers are required to use the Shipping Partner designated by Crocs Vietnam for goods exchange / return cases, do not arbitrarily use other Shipping Partners to avoid errors that affect the order control process of Crocs Vietnam.

           4Time and method of Refund

            4.1 E-Voucher: 

          • Conditions: Applicable to discounted products and bills using gift vouchers/discount code
          • Refund E-Voucher: After confirming that your returned product is eligible for refund, Crocs Vietnam will send you a e-voucher code equivalent to the value you purchased to continue shopping on the website https://crocs.com.vn/ via your personal email with the e-voucher's terms and conditions. E-Voucher refunding time is from 1-2 working days.

          *** Note: 

          • E-Voucher is only applicable at website, NOT in store.
          • In case you want to exchange the product according to your personal needs and preferences and have not found a suitable product, Crocs Vietnam will charge the product recall cost of 20,000 VND from the value of the e-voucher to be refunded to you.

          4.2 Refund: 

          • Condistions: Applies to payment orders with the full price of the product (full price is the original price without any discount of Crocs Vietnam)
          • Refund via online payment gateway: After Crocs Vietnam receives the return product, if you have paid for the order and used credit/debit card payment, you will receive the refund within 7 to 10 working days via the domestic debit card, and can be up to 30 working days for the international credit card; the process is also depended to customer’s bank.
          • Refund via personal account number: In case you pay the order by Cash on Delivery (COD), the refund will be proceeded within 10-14 working days. 

          Steps to be followed:

          Contact Customer Care Department for instructions via one of the following ways:

          • Call Center : 1900 63 64 01 (from 09h00 to 18h00 daily)
          • Email: CrocsVietnam@crocs.com.vn