When it comes to comfort, it is impossible not to mention the national brand Crocs. To enjoy the most comfort with Crocs, choosing the right size for your feet is extremely important. However, when shopping online, this becomes difficult. This article will guide you to choose the right Crocs shoe size for each object. Let's explore together!

1. How to choose the size of Crocs shoes

Let's start exploring the Crocs shoe size guide to choose the most suitable products. The method to choose the right size is based on the measurement of the foot length.

Finding the right shoe size is very important, you need to choose products that are not too tight or too loose. So that you can move comfortably and shine all day long, leave about 1-2cm of extra heel instead of wearing shoes that are too tight (heel close to the edge of the shoe). It is a moderate distance, helping you not feel too tight and uncomfortable when walking. In addition, it will be convenient if you want to customize the shoe straps in the front or back to change according to your outfit and usage needs. If you wear shoes that are too tight, you will no longer be able to use the back strap, but can only push the strap forward and use it like a regular pair of sandals.

Crocs Shoes Size Guide

Choose the right shoe size to make your steps more comfortable

For Clog shoes, using shoe straps that rotate to the back is a way to avoid shoes falling off the heel, ensuring your safety when moving. Because shoe straps will often be designed shorter than the length of the shoe sole, helping to create better stability.

When choosing shoe size, you need to prioritize comfort for your feet. This not only improves aesthetics, but also shows concern for foot health, especially in jobs that require a lot of movement every day. Let Crocs accompany you and bring comfort to your every step.

2. How to measure Crocs shoe size

Step 1: Prepare the foot measuring tool

The first step in the Crocs shoe size guide is to prepare the correct measuring tools. Look for a measuring tool like a ruler to ensure every detail is accurately represented by millimeters and centimeters.

Step 2: Place your feet on the white paper

At this step, take a blank sheet of paper and put your foot on it. Then draw the foot frame on the paper exactly.

Crocs Shoes Size Guide

Record the shape of the foot frame with a white sheet of paper

Step 3: Measure the length of your feet

Next, measure the length of your feet meticulously for the correct size. Remember to measure from the tip of your toe to your heel, so you don't miss any details.

Step 4: Choose the right size

Once you have your measurements, choose a Crocs shoe size that matches the Crocs shoe size conversion table. Comparing this table with foot size is confusing. Be very careful in this step, so that you can walk in the most comfort.

***Notes on measuring Crocs shoe size: When measuring Crocs shoes, always pay attention to every little detail, to make sure you measure every centimeter yourself. You should measure your shoes when your feet are most comfortable and at night to get the right size. Also, it is recommended that you measure both feet because the two sizes will be different and you should choose the larger foot size.

With these simple but unknown steps, it's easy to find the right Crocs shoe size for you, so that every step becomes a way to shine and express your unique fashion personality. Friend.

3. Genuine Crocs footwear sizechart

For a more complete guide to choosing a Crocs shoe size, below is a Crocs size conversion table for each line of sandals. The conversion table below is the standard parameter from the company, so you can compare with peace of mind.

3.1. Crocs Men's size

Make sure you choose your Crocs shoe size based on your actual foot length. This is important to create comfort when using. While Crocs offer comfort, don't expect shoe sizes to perfectly match Vietnamese foot or shoe sizes.

In the Crocs men's shoe store, you will find the right variety and selection. However, to ensure the most accuracy, below is a size conversion table specifically for Men's Crocs. Please compare carefully to find the right size for your feet!

Crocs Men's Shoe Size Chart

3.2. Crocs Women's size

To ensure that each woman can shine in her unique style, Crocs are available in all sizes for leg lengths from 200mm to 290mm.

In choosing the size of women's Crocs shoes, be very careful to find the right size for your feet.

Below is a sizing chart specifically for Women's Crocs. Again, compare each size figure to the exact size as it is the best way to make you feel most comfortable with your Crocs product.

Crocs Women's Shoe Size Chart

3.3. Crocs Kids' size

Compared to adult shoes, kids' Crocs shoe sizes are equally diverse. To create a snug and comfortable fit for the baby's feet, choosing the size of Crocs children's shoes is a big challenge for parents. Please ensure that parents need to accurately measure the child's foot size.

For children's Crocs shoes 1 to 5 years old, there will be sizes from C6 to C10 to help parents easily choose the right Crocs shoes for their children. For children over 5 years old, when buying Crocs shoes, there will be more diverse sizes from C11 to J6.

Let your meticulousness show in choosing the size of Crocs children's shoes, so that they always shine alongside comfortable steps and distinct beauty. Here is the children's Crocs size conversion table:

Crocs Kids' Footwear Size Chart

A small note when choosing a size for your baby, parents should always choose 1 size larger for children's shoes. This ensures that your baby's feet have enough space to grow without being cramped.

3.4. Size Crocs Unisex

In the treasure trove of Crocs unisex shoes, we always find unlimited variety. When choosing a shoe size, you cannot confidently walk in a shoe that is too wide or too tight.

As the Crocs shoe size guide above, please measure the exact foot length and compare with the Crocs size chart below:

Crocs Unisex footwear size chart

4. Regulations of when choosing Crocs shoe size by Collection

The above is basic information about Crocs shoe size conversion parameters for men, women, children and unisex. However, choosing products to suit each person's foot size will require further reference to the fit (style) of each product line. Currently, Crocs footwear has 3 specific fit levels as follows:

  • Roomy (loose)
  • Relaxed (comfortable)
  • Standard (fit) 

For the Roomy (loose) style that often appears in Classic Clog lines, you will most likely need to go down 1 size compared to the Crocs size chart to get the right fit when wearing shoes. Besides, with Relaxed (comfortable) fit, you will be suggested to increase or decrease depending on each product line. And finally, Standard, with this standard shape you can keep your regular size after consulting the Crocs size chart.

To choose the right size for each product line, Crocs fans should not miss the useful content in the "product details" section on Website Each featured product line will have size increase/decrease suggestions for your reference. The content of this suggested size guide will be continuously updated, based on input from the majority of customers who have experienced the product on the genuine Crocs website.

Recommended size selection guide in product details.

With the above instructions for choosing Crocs shoe size, choose your size carefully and accurately. Once you have mastered your foot size, choosing a Crocs shoe size will be easy and equally fun.

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