If you are a fan of Crocs shoes, you will surely know that there is always a unique design in each collection. Crocband still ensures durable quality, with a simple appearance but enough impression and difference, making it impossible to confuse with countless other products.


Enjoy a new day of energy with Crocband

With highlights that many people love, this product line brings everyone extremely unique and iconic shoes from the Crocs family.

Outstanding exclusive design

A special feature of Crocband is the design details along the sole of the shoe, highlighting the product's dynamic style. Despite possessing a simple style, when combined with special details, Crocband is still one of the favorite styles of many Crocs fans.

The product also has a highlight of Crocs' crocodile Duke, this is also a detail that helps the product stand out more. Besides, the colors of the Crocband collection are also very diverse, expressing the dynamism and enthusiasm of youth.

Convenient anytime, anywhere

The entire Crocband collection uses molded Croslite™ material to create ultra-light cushioning. Soft lining and wide design are extremely comfortable to use, can be carried anywhere from classrooms, offices to parks and streets.

Crocband relies on holes in the body to help ventilate your legs, and the straps fit comfortably so you can move around all day. Moreover, the product is easy to clean and wipe with waterproof, quick-drying material to help you challenge all types of weather.

Buy genuine Crocband products now at Crocs Vietnam

Quickly visit the official Crocs Vietnam website to see the current shoe models of the Crocband collection. And don't forget to bring your favorite pair of shoes to your shoe closet!

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