The cartoon about the dog Snoopy with cute stories has been recreated on Crocs Peanuts. The diverse and unique design of the collection is sure to make you fall in love at first sight. Create your own Crocs Peanuts with fun sandals and adorable Jibbitz accessories.


Miniature cartoon world from Crocs Peanuts collection

Innovative dynamic design language

With the Peanuts character logo design and outstanding colors, it will be a highlight for your outfit on your trip. A pair of Crocs Peanuts when combined with simple or sophisticated outfits are very eye-catching, this is an easy-to-use product.

In fun adventures, this is the ideal companion. The original, comfortable design gives your feet a comfortable feel as you walk.

Unleash your creativity with the lovely Jibbitz set

The unique feature of the Crocs Peanuts collection is that it can be combined with the adorable Jibbitz set of the same logo, in addition to the Jibbitz available on the shoe. Get creative on Crocs with your own design style, whether it's Joe Cool or Masked Marvel, the Jibbitz set will make you happy.

Buy now genuine Crocs Peanuts collection at Crocs Vietnam

Peanuts friends will work with you to create an impressive product for your style. Do not hesitate to buy yourself a pair of Crocs Peanuts  at the official website of Crocs Vietnam. Products from the Peanuts theme and the adorable Jibbitz set are available for you to choose from.

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