Step into the world of Naruto with the stylish and playful Crocs x Naruto collection! This limited-edition collaboration brings together the iconic anime series with Crocs' signature comfort and creativity, allowing you to channel the power and determination of the Leaf Village ninjas with every step.

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Jibbitz™ Charm Naruto Kakashi
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Jibbitz™ Charm Naruto Body
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Jibbitz™ Charm Naruto Uzumaki
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Shadow Clone Jutsu with Crocs x Naruto

This collaboration between the worlds of fashion and anime goes beyond style; it's a fusion of culture and passion, making the collection a testament to diversity, creativity, and connection in the modern fashion world.

Embody the Styles of Naruto and Kakashi

Each Classic Clog design is inspired by a beloved character, bring ing the world of Shinobi to life: the orange-gray color from the protagonist Naruto and the navy blue inspired by the Jounin ninja attire, complete with character-themed Jibbitz™. The iconic Hidden Leaf headband metal emblem is prominently displayed on the front.

This collection, featuring unique and striking designs, commemorates the 25th anniversary of this iconic anime manga series.

Personalize with Exclusive Jibbitz™

This is also an amazing opportunity to showcase your love for Naruto and your unique fashion sense by customizing your footwear with the exclusive Jibbitz charm collection featuring Kakashi, Naruto Uzumaki, and many other characters. Isn't that awesome?

Become a Ninja with Authentic Crocs x Naruto

Don't miss out on owning these limited-edition products from the Crocs Vietnam website or any official Crocs store to showcase your passion for Naruto in a unique and remarkable way!

Get Crocs x Naruto today and immerse yourself in the world of the legendary Leaf Village Hokages!