How to Clean and Preserve your Crocs shoes like new

When talking about trends and trends of young people, it is impossible not to mention Crocs shoes. However, there are still many young people who do not know how to clean your Crocs shoes correctly. If you want to preserve your Crocs shoes, don't miss this article!

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

How to clean white Crocs shoes?

Before learning about how to clean Crocs shoes, you need to pay attention to some cleaning items that need to be prepared.

1. Toiletries need to be prepared

To effectively preserve Crocs shoes, you should prepare the following items:

Soap: Use good foaming soap to clean Crocs shoes, preferably soap bars.

Brush: Use a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to avoid harsh impacts on the Croslite foam material typical of Crocs footwear.

Plastic basin: The best way to clean Crocs shoes is to clean them in a basin, a plastic basin is easy to move and convenient.

Sponge eraser: This is an indispensable support tool when cleaning Crocs shoes. The eraser sponge comes into direct contact with the stain and does not affect the color and material of the shoe.

Preparing the items in advance is how to clean Crocs shoes according to the process. When you need to use a tool, you can easily use it and don't need to spend too much time searching.

2. How to clean Crocs shoes at home in 5 steps

Step 1: Wash shoes with clean water

You should wash your sandals with clean water before cleaning them with soap. Washing your sandals with water helps you remove dirt and the top layer of soil. Thanks to that, dirt in areas that need to be scrubbed is also significantly reduced.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

Step 2: Soak shoes in warm water mixed with soap mixture

Mix a mixture of warm water and soap in a pre-prepared plastic bowl. Instead of using cold water, you should use warm water to create a more perfect cleaning mixture for Crocs shoes.

Soap when combined with warm water will not create a strong detergent. This way of cleaning Crocs shoes ensures your Crocs shoes are not affected and damaged by chemicals.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

After completing the soap mixture, place your pair of Crocs in a plastic basin to rinse them. There is no requirement to leave the shoes soaked in water for too long, but you need to keep the water clear during cleaning.

Step 3: Brush shoes with a soft brush

During the soaking time, use a soft-bristled brush to remove soil and light stains on Crocs sandals. This job helps the brush bristles brush directly into many positions on the shoe, making the air holes accessible so the sandals are clean and beautiful as new.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

Step 4: Treat stubborn stains with Baking soda and water

Soap can only partially remove stains from Crocs shoes. Long-standing stains need to be removed with more specialized detergents, specifically Baking soda.

How to properly clean Crocs shoes requires baking soda mixed with water. In case the stains are sticky and stubborn, the wisest choice is the magic eraser sponges with diverse functions.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

Apply a small amount of Baking soda combined with a sponge to treat difficult-to-clean stains. Because these are specialized products specifically designed to clean shoes, just using more water can ensure high stain treatment ability.

Step 5: Rinse shoes with water and dry

Check if dirt is still on Crocs shoes, then rinse with clean water and dry the shoes. You can use a towel to dry your shoes immediately, or let them dry on their own by standing them upright to drain and dry in a cool place.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

3. Things to keep in mind when using and preserving Crocs shoes

Once your Crocs shoes are as clean as new, they will help you feel confident in every step you take. The above method of cleaning Crocs shoes applies to most Crocs products such as: Crocs Sandals, Clogs, Slippers, Literide,... Besides, you need to pay attention to a few additional issues as follows:

Use genuine Crocs footwear

Crocs shoes currently have many counterfeit products on the market. You can own a pair of fake shoes for just a few tens of thousands or even pay exorbitant prices. To protect your feet, you should choose genuine Crocs shoes.

Outstanding features of genuine Crocs footwear are softer, smoother and more comfortable. The ventilation holes on the shoe are trimmed very neatly, the color of the shoe is standard and not patchy.

Poor quality items are often rough and have a plastic smell. Long-term use can cause pain in the legs and difficulty in walking. That's why you need to choose a place to buy genuine Crocs shoes to protect your feet.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

You can choose for yourself a pair of genuine Crocs shoes through the system of Crocs Vietnam stores. As a combination of trend and quality, Crocs Vietnam is proud to be the most prestigious supplier of Crocs footwear today.

Do not leave shoes in direct sunlight

How to clean Crocs shoes, no matter how precise, is ineffective if you dry them in strong sunlight. The main material used to make Crocs shoes is Croslite closed cell plastic, which should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Your Crocs sandals may fade, shrink, bend or even melt if the sunlight is too strong, affecting the product's shape. If you want to preserve Crocs shoes well, you should not ignore this note.

Not just Crocs, any type of footwear is affected by sunlight. After using Crocs sandals, you can put them in a shoe cabinet with a screen or door. Shoe cabinets should not be placed outdoors, they should be kept indoors to avoid sunlight.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

Do not use too strong a detergent

For Crocs shoes, especially those made of fabric or suede, you should only use a wet towel to wipe stains. Cleaning Crocs shoes by using detergent will cause the product to discolor and no longer retain its original color.

Paper towels can both wipe the inside and outside of the slipper. Furthermore, after cleaning, just dry your shoes in the shade and wait a short time before you can use them.

Regularly clean Crocs shoes

To preserve Crocs shoes, you need to create a habit of cleaning your shoes regularly to avoid bad odors that affect your health. Plastic gets dirty very easily and is also very easy to clean, some stains just need to be wiped with a wet cloth.

How to clean and preserve Crocs shoes

This article is about how to clean dirrty Crocs shoes, which is necessary for you to keep Crocs shoes always new. Wishing you a successful application and more experience using Crocs shoes!

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