How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

How to put Jibbitz Charms on Crocs shoes, if not done properly, often breaks or breaks the accessory. But don't worry because attaching and detaching Jibbitz on Crocs shoes is very easy to do. Follow the article now to properly operate Jibbitz on Crocs shoes!

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

Add color to your Crocs shoes with Jibbitz accessories

By understanding how to put Jibbitz Charms on Crocs shoes, you can immediately design your own unique pair of Crocs shoes.

1. What is Jibbitz?

Jibbitz is a decorative accessory for Crocs footwear. These are small stickers usually made of rubber or soft plastic (Thermoplastic or Zinc Alloy) that can be attached to holes on the surface of Crocs shoes.

Jibbitz comes in a variety of shapes, colors and designs, including icons, drawings, cartoon characters and many other types of images. Users can optionally choose and attach Jibbitz to their Crocs sandals to personalize and create highlights on the sandals. Jibbitz has become a fun and fashionable addition to Crocs lovers and to both children and adults.

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

Jibbitz on Crocs shoes in a variety of colors

The company offers a wide range of accessories of all kinds from animals, objects, letters, numbers... extremely unique. Diverse colors and new designs make Jibbitz loved by many people.

Jibbitz accessory products are sold individually so you can easily choose and buy. How to put Jibbitz Charms on Crocs shoes can be customized by the user. Jibbitz on Crocs shoes will be designed by you according to your own preferences.

2. How to properly put Jibbitz Charms on Crocs shoes

The correct way to put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes is to use one hand to support the inside of the shoe to help keep the shoe from moving. One hand tilts the Jibbitz at a 45-degree angle towards the toe of the shoe and presses firmly into the available hole on the Crocs shoe from top to bottom.

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

Just like that, you can easily attach Jibbitz on Crocs shoes while still keeping the product durable. Many threads about how Jibbitz mounting causes errors in shoes and damaged accessories.

If you don't already know, attach any position that is attached to the outside corner of your Crocs shoe. This position is often used to attach only 1 Jibbitz to the shoe. Or you can try a different position every day to add more fun.

3. Instructions on how to easily remove Jibbitz Charms

Remove the Jibbitz on Crocs shoes not only to replace other Jibbitz but also to make it easier to clean both Crocs and Jibbitz shoes. This way the product will be better preserved.

Not only is it wrong to attach Jibbitz to Crocs shoes, many people also make mistakes when removing Jibbitz. Normally people will use their hands to tug on the Jibbitz from above. This method greatly affects the durability of shoes and accessories.

How to remove Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

Changing the design works with the Jibbitz workaround is easy

The correct way to remove Jibbitz is to place one hand inside the shoe to firmly push the Jibbitz button upward, the other hand placed above and forcefully pull the Jibbitz out of the Crocs sandal. You should remove each Jibbitz on Crocs shoes one at a time, not pull out two Jibbitz next to each other at once.

Attaching Jibbitz to Crocs shoes and removing them is very easy to do, so you don't need to be afraid to change Jibbitz every day according to your preferences. But before attaching the Jibbitz, you should place the Jibbitz on the hole you want to attach to test to see if it fits before performing the operation, to avoid having to attach and remove it too many times.

4. Most popular Jibbitz accessories

The way to put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes is simple, plus there are so many Jibbitz designs that it can be difficult to make a product choice. Don't worry, this article will tell you the most popular Jibbitz accessories on Crocs shoes today.

4.1. Jibbitz themed

With a series of symbolic images, Jibbitz decided to design accessories according to the theme. The products launched are all in collections with certain names.

If you have a passion for sports, take a look at the Jibbitz Sports accessory set. With a sports theme, Jibbitz Sport has all kinds of sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball and many others.

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

Choose for yourself a Jibbitz accessory that represents your favorite sport. Whether male or female, boldly show off to everyone by attaching Jibbitz to Crocs shoes.

Each of us has our own stories and the best way to express them is through symbols and sayings with deep meanings. Express the uniqueness of your own perspective with the Jibbitz Symbol And Sayings collection.

The Jibbitz Symbol And Sayings collection has best-selling products such as I Heart, Peace Hand Sign, Girly Unicorn. Surely you will find yourself in this collection of the company.

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

For someone who loves movies and classic characters, the Jibbitz Characters collection cannot be missed. Get ready to show off your personality by put Jibbitz on Crocs footwear with famous icons like Batman, Harry Potter, Peanuts, Barbie...

You can completely combine many different Jibbitz theme decorations on the same pair of Crocs shoes. Jibbitz accessories are designed by myself and worn on my feet. Those shoes will bring confidence and an indescribable feeling of excitement.

How to put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes represents your own style, interests and interesting stories. Besides the Sport, Character, Symbol And Sayings collection mentioned above, Jibbitz has many other themes for you to choose from.

4.2. Jibbitz by set

Besides buying each Jibbitz individually, you also have another option: buying a set to help synchronize the stickers on Crocs shoes for the same theme without duplication.

Jibbitz accessories in sets are suitable for those who do not know how to combine accessories. Or if you want to buy Jibbitz with a group, Jibbitz as a set will be the perfect choice. Especially when buying as a set, you will save quite a bit compared to buying individually.

Jibbitz in sets has 2 types: set of 3 and set of 5. Jibbitz set of 3 currently has themes such as Smores, Mountain, Out There, Ocean... while Jibbitz set of 5 is Spider Man, Toy Story... there is no overlap between these two types of sets so you can buy with confidence!

How to put Jibbitz™ Charms on Crocs shoes

If the way of put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes fascinates you and you want to comfortably attach a lot of Jibbitz, you should choose Crocs Classic Clog shoes. This will be the most suitable choice with 26 decorative holes for you to freely combine with Jibbitz accessories.

Jibbitz are accessories that make your Crocs fun and colorful. Jibbitz products are beautiful and quality, along with a series of designs with attractive themes that are worth collecting.

5. Where to buy genuine Jibbitz Charms accessories?

To be able to decorate your Crocs with your preferences, you must first have quality Jibbitz. Currently, genuine Jibbitz products are available across the entire Crocs store system nationwide and the Crocs Vietnam website.

There are many Jibbtiz designs to choose from, with signature collections ranging from cute characters to iconic icons. The website has a convenient search filter to help you easily choose Jibbitz by your favorite topic or by an economical set.

Whether you're looking to make a statement or just add a little fun to your shoes, adding Jibbitz accessories to Crocs footwear is a great solution. So why wait? Buy genuine Jibbitz accessories today!

How to put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes is really simple, right? Hopefully the above information will help you perform the correct operation with Jibbitz on Crocs shoes to make the product more durable.

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