Are you ready to join forces and embark on a cosmic adventure with this exciting Crocs x Star War collaboration?

Can't miss this special edition that brings galactic appeal to your everyday style, whether you're exploring the universe or relaxing at home!!

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Let's join the star wars

Crocs is launching an expedition to a galaxy far, far away in official “Star Wars” collaboration, are you along?

The Clog Star War shoe model accompanies you

Crocs x Star Wars comes in a special, iconic design dedicated to Grogu, featuring a statue of the character's head placed at the front, complete with a Mandalorian helmet jibbitz and charm. The Batha Burger below, pays homage to the delicious food of Tatooine.

The dominant sandy brown color harmonizes with a patterned gray mix that adorns the sides and top of the clog shoe, bringing a clean and playful take on the beloved Star Wars universe.

Besides, there is the Off Court Clog full black version with a starry galaxy and many different mysterious and attractive spaceship jibbitz... along with the Star Wars logo impressively engraved on the midsole of the shoe.

Unleash your creativity with the Jibbitz Star War set

Create your own universe on your clogs with Jibbitz accessories of galactic characters like Grogu, Stormtrooper Helmet and other interesting and adorable Star Wars characters...

Buy genuine Crocs Star War shoes at Crocs Vietnam

Let's experience the comfort of Crocs from the mysterious Star War galaxy! Surely Star Wars enthusiasts will not be able to resist the super adorable image of Baby Yoda every step of the way.

Quickly own Crocs x Star War to accompany Grogu to explore the space travel journey in unique and unique fashion!

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