Surely you will be surprised with the interesting combination of Crocs with the iconic and all-time favorite cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants - The mischievous sponge.

Let's admire the deep ocean of Bikini Bottom with the adorable SpongeBob sponge with the Crocs x SpongeBob collection to look forward to this summer 2024!


Enter the Ocean World with Crocs x SpongeBob

Are you ready to express your fashion personality even “under the sea” with Crocs x SpongeBob??

SpongeBob transforms into SpongeBob Classic Clog

The mischievous sponge will transform into a unique version of the SpongeBob Classic Clog with his iconic bright yellow look with his signature sponge holes, as well as being very typical of Crocs. Plus, the base is inspired by adorable SpongeBob's brown pants and black belt.

Completely like a sponge stepping out of the ocean with these playful Jibbitz shaped like SpongeBob's arms and red tie. In particular, images of SpongeBob with many different facial expressions are printed on the side of the strap and on the top of each shoe.

There's nothing better than exploring the ocean with SpongeBob this summer, right?

Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs

Keeping with Crocs' unique characteristics, you can completely freely express your personality and interests by transforming adorable, exclusive Jibbitz from the ocean, SpongeBob's friends, such as a jellyfish Pink, Mr. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks or Squidward Tentacles...

The fun and uniqueness of a pair of personalized Crocs is completely in your hands!!

Buy genuine Crocs SpongeBob shoes at Crocs Vietnam

If you love the animated world expressed vividly and realistically in fashion versions, don't miss the impressive collaborations from Crocs and the latest is the adorable sponge SpongeBob x Crocs!

Come to the official stores or Crocs Vietnam website to discover the latest collections and have fun all summer in the super cute cartoon world with Crocs! Explore other super attractive collections with Crocs, Crocs x Snow WhiteCrocs x ArtestarCrocs x Salehe Bembury