Celebrate Crocs Website 2 years old - Hunt "hot" deal all month long

What do you know? Crocs Website has launched a series of "shocking" promotions on the occasion of the Website officially turning 2 years old. Opportunity to shop for Crocs products and enjoy unique benefits in December. Turn on the "party" mood all month long, celebrate your birthday in a big way, Crocs fans!

Mừng Crocs 2 tuổi - Deal hot trọn tháng

Unlimited deal, welcome birthday Crocs Website 2 years old

1. Crocs Website birthday promotion program

In the year-end sales atmosphere, Crocs Website held a grand "party" to celebrate the 2nd birthday for the Crocs lovers. Get ready to enjoy a series of attractive promotions such as discounts up to 50%++, optional gifts, 0 VND shipping fee or the opportunity to accumulate x4 points when creating a Loyal Customer account. ,... and many other surprises are waiting for you. Join the super birthday sale with Crocs now!

Promotion period: December. 2023

Place: Applicable at Crocs Vietnam official website - Crocs.com.vn

2. What's about Crocs Website birthday party?

2.1 Free Shipping

Is the purchase invoice value required? Is there a limit to the number of free times?... Forget those concerns because Crocs will offer free shipping on all orders when shopping at Website Crocs.com.vn this December.

2.2 Earning points "so fast, so easy"

Unique opportunity to earn 4x points when starting to become a Loyal Customer of Crocs Vietnam. Only this December, when you create a member account on Crocs Vietnam Website, you will immediately receive 20,000 accumulated points for this activity, instead of 5,000 points as usual.

Note: 1 point is equivalent to 1 VND. So, with 20,000 starting points, you have accumulated 20,000 VND and can convert and deduct directly from the order when shopping at the Website. Furthermore, when you successfully activate your account, you will be given a 100K Voucher for your first order and can be used immediately.

See details of the Website Loyalty program and special benefits reserved for you here.

2.3 Happy Tuesday - Member perks

To increase the appeal, as well as give warm gifts to Crocs fans this holiday season, Crocs launches the Happy Tuesday program - periodically taking place every Tuesday with thousands of attractive and ongoing promotions. innovation for Crocs Vietnam members. The program represents Crocs' deepest gratitude to all customers who have been, are and will accompany Crocs Website on every special occasion.

Opening the Happy Tuesday program this December will be an extremely hot promotion for the holiday season:

- Sale 20% off for buying 1 product*

- Sale 40% off for buying 2 products*

- Sale up to 50% off for selected Jibbitz charms. 

*Applicable to many Crocs footwear.

Note: every Tuesday in December 2023, only applicable to Crocs Vietnam member accounts. Please log in to your account to unlock this offer.

2.4 Free gift

Just shopping at a discount isn't enough, Crocs also wants to give gifts to its "true fans". With a shopping bill of 2,000,000 VND or more, you will immediately receive 01 set of lovely Jibbitz* accessories. To be able to choose a gift that suits your taste, quickly close your order as soon as possible to freely choose from many designs!

How to choose a gift: After the order meets the minimum conditions to receive a gift, at the payment page, a gift window will appear with Jibbitz accessories for you to choose from. You just browse, choose your favorite style and put it in your shopping cart on the Website.

*The included Jibbitz accessories are Jibbitz Pin (accessories for clothes and bags) and Jibbitz Sandals (accessories for sandals).

3. What should you note when "attending the birthday" of Crocs Website?

In order to ensure benefits and bring a happy birthday "party" to all customers, Crocs Website would like to send you some small notes as follows:

1/ Promotions include limited discount codes and gifts and may expire earlier than expected.

2/ Any fraudulent activity may result in the order being cancelled.

3/ Crocs Vietnam reserves the right to change, limit or terminate promotions without prior notice.

Not only for the purpose of celebrating the 2nd birthday, Crocs Website hopes that through this event, it will give customers the opportunity to hunt for their favorite items to help you conquer many new goals every day. Although the shopping journey at the Website is still inconvenient, Crocs Vietnam thanks and appreciates your trust and love for Crocs during the past time. We always strive to improve our service every day to bring you the best shopping experience. Please share interesting photos with Crocs on the Website to fully celebrate your birthday month. Hopefully every special event will have Crocs with you.

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