PLAYING TO WIN minigame is back with an extremely attractive 100% chance to win. The program aims to express gratitude to all dear Crocs customers on the occasion of the new year. Join now, receive instant gifts!


1. Promotion period: 08/01 - 12/01/2024

2. Minigame "Playing to win"

Location: The program only applies at Website

During the PLAY TO WIN program, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive random discount codes of 5%, 8% and 15%. The discount code is valid when the following minimum conditions are met:

🎟️ Discount code 5% for shopping bills from 500.000 VND

🎟️ Discount code 8% for shopping bills from 1.200.000 VND

🎟️ Discount code 15% for shopping bills from 1.500.000đ

How to join?

- Step 1: Visit the website, the winning drawing screen will automatically appear after 3 seconds.

- Step 2: Fill in all information and select PLAY NOW.


- Step 3: Receive notification of winning prizes from Crocs, select SHOP CROCS NOW to refer to your favorite products. The information bar containing the discount code will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, on all product pages of the website that you visit. 


- Step 4: After choosing the product you like, please COPY the discount code and paste it into the Discount Code box on the shopping cart page (as shown), to apply this special offer. 

What to note?

1/ The prize drawing screen is only displayed one (01) time per day for each customer accessing the website.

2/ The discount code will be effective within 30 minutes from issuance, only applicable at Crocs Vietnam website - (not applicable at stores nationwide).

3/ One (01) email account will be able to participate in the minigame one (01) time during the program period.

4/ Each discount code can only be applied once (01) time. 

5/ Discount codes are applied simultaneously with a number of programs such as direct discounts on products, Jibbitz - buy 1 get 1 free,...

6/ Discount code does not apply to some special products* (see section 3 for details).

7/ Crocs Vietnam reserves the right to cancel discount codes if fraudulent behavior is detected.  

3. *What products are not included in the Minigame?

Discount codes collected from the program apply to all products on the website, except for the following outstanding product codes:

Product code (SKU) Product title
207989-001 Unisex Crocs Classic Mega Crush Sandals - Black
207989-2Y2 Unisex Crocs Classic Mega Crush Sandals - Bone
207989-100 Unisex Crocs Classic Mega Crush Sandals - White
207988-001 Unisex Crocs Mega Crush Classic Clog - Black
207988-2Y2 Unisex Crocs Mega Crush Classic Clog - Bone
207988-100 Unisex Crocs Mega Crush Classic Clog - White
208547-001 Unisex Crocs Siren Clog - Black
208547-2Y2 Unisex Crocs Siren Clog - Bone
209347-001 Unisex Crocs Stomp Clog - Black
209347-0WV Unisex Crocs Stomp Clog - Chalk
207521-2Q9 Unisex Crocs Crush Classic Clog - Latte
207521-6UR Unisex Crocs Crush Classic Clog - Quartz
207670-374 Unisex Crocs Classic Crush Sandals - Fair Green
207670-6UR Unisex Crocs Classic Crush Sandals - Quartz
209648-3VS Unisex Crocs Crush High Shine Slides - Plaster


If you have any questions about the Minigame, please contact us through the following channels: 

- Email:

- Hotline: 1900 63 64 01 (from 09h00 to 18h00 everyday)

Wish you have a great shopping experience at Crocs Vietnam!

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