What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

In the popular fashion segment, you've probably heard of Crocs. The following article will provide interesting information about Crocs so you can understand more about the reasons why Crocs are loved by many people.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

From popular products to the journey of leading fashion trends called Crocs™

1. General introduction to Crocs

1.1. What are Crocs?

Crocs, Inc. is the world leader in innovative footwear for all ages, by far. Through the brand spirit, Crocs affirms its respect for different identities and supports generosity and freedom.

Why are crocs so popular? This brand has created a revolution in comfort thanks to footwear products made of exclusive plastic materials, bringing convenience to people in daily life while still ensuring youthfulness and dynamism. in each design.

With constant efforts, for many consecutive years, Crocs has achieved remarkable milestones with a huge number of consumers around the world.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Famous plastic footwear brand Crocs™

One special thing you may not know about this brand is that at the beginning, Crocs was not a brand that everyone loved, and even had a significant number of anti-fans.

But thanks to listening and continuously improving products, Crocs has brought unique, trend-leading designs and exclusive materials, creating a unique, Crocs-like wave in the market. Products from this brand are increasingly sought after by fashionistas.

1.2. Where does the Crocs brand come from?

Where are Crocs made? Crocs is a footwear brand originating from the US, founded by three friends, Scott Seamans, George Boedecker and Lyndon Hanson in 2002. Originating from the same hobby of fishing and picnicking at sea, Crocs' footwear are always the ultimate in waterproofing.

You will be surprised to know that Crocs' first products are aimed at children. With slingback shoes, the protruding head looks like a crocodile. And this is also the reason why this brand is named Crocs (with Crocodile meaning crocodile).

Crocs shoes come in many colors with fun shapes for children. Later, with convenience, Crocs developed and expanded the consumer market for adults.

1.3. What materials are Crocs shoes made of?

In addition to design, Crocs also attracts consumers because of the high-quality materials of its products. Basically, Crocs products are always aimed at comfort, waterproofing and very light. Since 2002, Crocs has always used its exclusive materials and increasingly upgraded them. Croslite™, Literide™ and Reviva are three materials commonly used on Crocs' current footwear products:

- Croslite™ material: is an exclusive material also known as closed cell plastic, designed in one piece. This material has good grip, very light weight, flexibility and good anti-slip ability. Water-resistant material makes it easy to wipe off stains, ensuring comfort when used. At the same time, Croslite™ material has no air bubbles inside, so when you have used it for a long time, Crocs shoes still retain their original shape and do not collapse.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Croslite™ material is very commonly used in all outstanding Crocs designs

- Literide™ material: this is an improved invention of Crocs, this material is a perfect combination of bounce and softness. Literide™ is 20% lighter than Croslite™ and 40% softer, providing a wonderfully relaxing feeling for your feet. This is also one of the exclusive materials of the Crocs brand.

Crocs Mellow is one of the prominent footwear lines using Literide™ material. The material is also often used as cushioning for the company's other collections such as Crocs Literide 360, Crocs Brooklyn...

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Crocs Mellow with soft Literide material

- Reviva material: recognized by its design of purposefully arranged massage bubbles located on the surface of Crocs shoe cushioning in different sizes. They are scientifically arranged according to the acupuncture points on the feet to help make your steps the most comfortable and smoothest.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Soothe your feet with Crocs flip-flops

1.4. Crocs' exclusive footwear production technology

Crocs focuses on the core value of bringing comfort and convenience to consumers. The materials used to produce Crocs shoes are strictly tested, combined with outstanding technology to bring the best results.

- Exclusive ultra-light Iconic Crocs Comfort technology is a symbol of comfort and flexibility. You can see this information on most Crocs brand footwear products.

- Dual Crocs Comfort technology was born with the motto to bring more relaxation, maximum support in every step with anti-shock absorption technology for a super smooth experience.

- Literide and Reviva by Crocs technology are also commonly used, bringing absolute relaxation thanks to softness, smoothness and durability during long periods of use.

In particular, these technologies all have good water resistance, challenging all terrains, regardless of sunny or rainy weather. Convenient for you to use every day, ready to accompany you when going to school, going out, picnicking or exploring new horizons...

2. Suggestions for outstanding Crocs product lines that you should experience

Crocs is constantly creating and diversifying product designs. Currently, many Crocs collections have been launched and created waves of enthusiastic reception in the fashion market. And you have probably seen or experienced Crocs footwear products, right?

2.1. Crocs collab collection with big brands

For sports lovers, the Crocs NBA collection is for you. With dynamic sports inspiration, each product in the collection exudes vitality, very suitable for those who want to highlight their style.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Be active all day with Crocs NBA

Crocs Marvel recreates superheroes in the universe right on your own shoes. The collection has all kinds of superheroes and colorful designs, ready for you to express your own personality.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Transform into a superhero with Crocs Marvel

Crocs Minecraft collection is a unique and impressive combination. Natural colors bring a sense of adventure. If you are a survival sports enthusiast, you will definitely love this product.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Destroy the virtual world with Crocs Minecraft

The sweet world of Crocs Barbie makes girls fascinated. The collection marks the longevity of Barbie fashion, and Crocs Barbie will accompany you on your journey to express your personal style.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Outstanding pink tones from the Crocs Barbie collection

2.2. Some outstanding Crocs collections

Crocs Clog Classic is a classic product line, and is also the style that creates strong recognition of the Crocs brand in the hearts of consumers. The product has a simple design that is easy to coordinate, and an extremely rich color palette that will be a great choice for you.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Crocs Clog Classic is one of the outstanding products, well worth a try

Crocs LiteRide 360 has Literide cushioning and bright colors. The product adds a unique colorful effect that will definitely be the highlight of your outfit.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Simple yet outstanding from Crocs LiteRide 360

Crocs Bayaband is a shoe model that is popular with both men and women. The stripe running around the sole of the shoe is a very stylish highlight. This line brings a youthful and dynamic feeling.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Crocs Bayaband footwear model is popular today

Crocs Echo has a very unique and impressive design, enhancing the beauty and personality of your overall outfit. The product line is highly appreciated by fashionistas and is worth experiencing.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Every step on the street is full of energy with Crocs Echo

3. How much are Crocs?

How much do Crocs cost? Currently, Crocs has many lines of shoes with different prices. But in general, children's footwear products cost from 27.31 USD, while for adults, the price ranges from 35.37 USD.

Prices of lines will fluctuate, depending on many different factors. As for adult footwear products, the Crocs Classic line with a classic, popular, easy-to-coordinate style will have an average price of about 35.17 to 78.40 USD.

And fashion collections such as Crocs Siren and Crocs Crush range from 70.74 to 100 USD. Products with a sporty style such as Crocs All - Terrain, Crocs Hiker cost from 55 to 98.25 USD.

Besides, single Jibbitz accessories also range in price from 5.50 to 8.25 USD. Jibbitz accessories in a set of 3 cost from 9.43 to 13.36 USD and a set of 5 will have a reference price of 21.22 to 28.30 USD.

4. Where to buy genuine Crocs shoes?

Where can I buy Crocs? Along with the popularity of Crocs, there are also many counterfeit products everywhere on the market. To avoid buying poor quality products, consumers should choose a reputable place of sale. And Crocs Vietnam is definitely a reliable place for you to experience genuine Crocs products, with reputable warranty policies.

What & Where are Crocs made? All information about Crocs

Genuine Crocs store in Vietnam

Genuine Crocs footwear products have been fully updated and diverse at Crocs Vietnam. To truly experience Crocs' groundbreaking products, you can go directly to Crocs Vietnam stores nationwide. Or visit the website Crocs.com.vn now to shop easily and conveniently with many extremely attractive incentives and enjoy clear and transparent support policies to help you shop with peace of mind.

The Crocs brand is constantly developing and innovating products and is loved by more and more young people. What are Crocs? Is it worthy of being your choice? Now, you probably have your own answer.

Hopefully this article providing basic information about Crocs has answered your basic questions. Don't hesitate to contact or learn more about Crocs Vietnam in the links below. Crocs is always honored to serve and accompany you in the near future.

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