Crocs is the world leader in innovative footwear for all ages, making its debut in 2002. Unique designs and a diverse palette of bright colors deliver comfort and style. trendy for people wearing Crocs. Through the brand spirit, Crocs affirms its respect for different identities and supports generosity and freedom. In 2013, Crocs entered the Vietnamese market, and was exclusively distributed by General Fashion Trading Company Limited (GTF), part of Central Retail Vietnam group.

Crocs Vietnam takes the criteria of service quality and customer satisfaction as its operating motto, always striving to bring customers the best experience possible. After a long period of operation, Crocs sends its gratitude to customers with the Loyalty Program with many attractive benefits. The program launches from September 2023 and is only available for customers shopping at the official website Crocs.com.vn. The appeal of the Crocs Loyalty program will make Crocs fashion followers excited and cannot be missed.

1. What is the Crocs Loyalty Program - Online Loyalty?

The Crocs Loyalty Program is a program for all customers shopping online at the Crocs Vietnam website, to enhance the consumer experience as well as express gratitude to customers who love the Crocs brand. The program applies at Crocs.com.vn through accumulating points to upgrade members and enjoy many special offers. Some outstanding activities at website Crocs.com.vn help you accumulate points such as:

- Create an account at Crocs Vietnam Website.

- Log in to the Website every day.

- Evaluate the product after a successful purchase.

- Cumulative bonus for the first 5 orders.

- Follow Crocs Vietnam's official Instagram and Facebook.

- Allows the function of receiving Push notifications from Crocs Vietnam.

- Accumulate points for each successful shopping transaction at Crocs Website.

- Introduce your friends to shopping at Crocs Website.

>> See more at Instructions for accumulating points

From the accumulated points, customers will be able to redeem points to pay for the next orders and determine the corresponding membership level according to the accumulated points. Thus, the more points you have, the more exclusive offers you will enjoy at Crocs.

The interface is easy to operate and use, divided into clear sections such as: Accumulate points, Redeem points, Score history, Ranking system, Refer friends and Help, so you can easily participate and perform activities.

Crocs Loyalty program incentives will only be applied on the Crocs Vietnam website. Thus, you can not only shop online conveniently but also enjoy special incentives to help double your savings.

2. Attractive benefits exclusively for loyal Online customers

2.1. Loyalty Crocs program member rankings

The Crocs Loyalty program is divided into several rankings based on the accumulated points of each account. Specifically with milestones:

Upon joining the program, you will start with the Crocs Fan rank. After accumulating points and reaching the milestones of 70,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, you will be promoted by the system accordingly.

Each rank will have its own super attractive incentives. The higher the customer's ranking, the greater the number and level of incentives. In particular, exchanging points to pay for your next order will not affect the points accumulated for promotion, as well as the benefits in the current membership level you are using.

A small tip when participating in the Crocs Loyalty program is to turn on the "receive push notifications" mode from the Crocs Vietnam website so you don't miss out on attractive promotional information when promotions take place. At the same time, this is also one of the activities that helps you accumulate more points in your account.

Note that the Loyalty Crocs program's cumulative points retention period is 365 days, calculated from the most recent successful order. After this period, if the account does not make any other purchases, the accumulated points will return to 0 and start over. However, this change in score will not affect your ranking or the benefits you gain.

If you are a follower of Crocs, promotion will surely happen quickly for you. The higher the rank, the more incentives you receive. Let's continue to explore the membership privileges of this loyalty program!

2.2. Program privileges

In an effort to bring more convenient online shopping experiences, the Loyalty Crocs program has attractive privileges only for accounts participating in the program. The special benefits that customers receive include:

- Additional discounts on bills: from 2% - 7% corresponding to each membership class

- Free shipping: save shipping costs when purchasing with invoices from 500,000 VND

- Birthday offer: Customers who provide their birthday will receive 5,000 points added to their account and a special discount code on the birthday they provide.

- Priority access to new products: Accounts participating in the program will have priority to update the latest products and attractive privileges to help you stay ahead of the trend.

- Priority to buy early with promotions:. You will have priority access to hunt for early sales for some special promotion programs, this is also one of the interesting benefits for loyal Crocs customers.

In particular, when shopping online with the Crocs Loyalty program at Crocs Vietnam Website, you will earn points. With the accumulated points you will be used to convert and deduct directly from the order. Thus, the more you shop, the more points you will receive to use for your next purchase. Remember, always log in to your account before shopping and paying.

3. Instructions for participating in the Loyalty Crocs program

The subjects of the Crocs Loyalty program are customers who have accounts at the Crocs Vietnam Website. Therefore, to participate in the program you need to immediately register a personal account on Crocs.com.vn. The steps to access the loyalty program are simple as follows:

- Step 1: Access the Loyalty Crocs icon in the left corner of the screen to go to the program interface.

- Step 2: Select Sign up if you do not have an account, select Log in if you have a previous account.

- Step 3: Enter the information required by the form accurately and completely.

- Step 4: Click on program features on the menu to execute program features.

With just a few simple steps when participating in the customer loyalty program, you will have more opportunities to receive many benefits when shopping online. For details on how to use the Loyalty system, you can see more in the Instructions for using the program's features.

Note, if you have any questions about the Crocs Loyalty program, you can contact Hotline 1900 63 64 01 or Email CrocsVietnam@crocs.com.vn for answers. Crocs' staff is always ready to provide detailed and dedicated guidance, helping you clearly understand your rights in shopping activities at Crocs Vietnam.

Shopping online at the Crocs Vietnam website is simple, enjoys many attractive incentives, and is always guaranteed 100% genuine products, which will definitely bring satisfaction to customers who love Crocs. Don't miss the opportunity to join the Loyalty Crocs program now to receive your own perks!

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