How to earn Loyalty points at Crocs Vietnam

To thank customers for always trusting and accompanying Crocs Vietnam, Crocs has launched an Online Loyalty program with attractive benefits when shopping at Please see the user guide below for more useful information when joining the program.

Earning points through interesting activities such as: website visit, product review, purchase at, following Crocs on social networking sites,... it will help you improve your grade and get better benefits when shopping at the website. Besides, one of the outstanding benefits of earning points is that you will be able to redeem points when shopping online.

To perform activities to earn points, please follow these steps: 

Step1: Click on the “Loyalty” icon displayed on the left corner of the desktop / mobile screen.

Loyalty icon displayed on computer and phone screens

Step 2: Here, if you have not logged into your account before, please click on the LOGIN box displayed on the screen to access the registered Online Loyalty account. If you do not have a Crocs Vietnam account, please click SIGN UP or register here.

***For a new Loyalty account created successfully the first time, this account will be immediately received a VND 100,000 voucher applied when shopping online at Crocs Vietnam website (please check your email inbox to receive the voucher).

The screen shows the steps to access Loyalty account on the desktop:

The screen shown after clicking the Loyalty icon

Screen displayed after successful account login

The screen shows the steps to access Loyalty account on the mobile:

With the mobile version, after selecting the menu icon, the system's features will appear. After that, customers continue to select the item earn points to perform activities to redeem points.

Step 3: Choose the right activity and start doing it as required to earn points successfully.

All earn points activities of Loyalty system

1/ Create an account: get 5,000 points when creating an account to access the Crocs Vietnam website.
*The activity is recorded for success when the customer creates a Loyalty account from August 15, 2023.

2/ Happy birthday: provide your birthday to receive 5,000 points and special discount code for each Membership Tier on your birthday every year.

3/ Purchase at website: points will be converted at the rate of 100 VND = 1 point when customers shop at website and the order is successfully recorded.

4/ Refer a friends: customers will receive 5,000 points if the invited account has a successful order with a value of 500,000 VND / order. The way to record points for this activity is as follows:

- Step 1: Share your referral link and discount code with your friends (via social networks or send the link directly to friends via chat apps).

- Step 2: To successfully earn points, the invited accounts must access through the link you provided and have a successful orders** with a value of 500,000 VND or more / order. The invitee may or may not use the discount code you send. The discount code applies to orders from 500,000 VND and each email account invited through the referral link can only apply this discount code for 1 time.

- Step 3: Wait for the earned points to be validated and credited to your account. Waiting time to verify your earned points for Refer a Friend is 10 days from the time of successful orders.

**The successful order is when the customer receives the product and pays the full cost to Crocs Vietnam.

5/ Visit website: get 100 points immediately for the first visit to the website of the day. Customers only need to log in to their member account when accessing the website, the system will automatically record earned points.

6/ Goal orders: receive 10,000 points immediately when customers reach the milestone of the first 5 successful orders* with a value of 500,000 VND / order or more. Crocs started to record customer orders from August 15, 2023.

7/ Review product: applicable to customers who have successful orders on website and only record 01 review / product.
+ 500 points:
when evaluating in words.
+ 1,000 points:
when evaluating in words with product images.
In case, the customer re-purchases with the reviewed product, this point-gathering activity will not be recorded.

8/ Follow Instagram Crocs Vietnam: click the follow icon in the Loyalty system, Crocs Vietnam's official Instagram page will appear shortly, you click the follow icon will be recognized by the system for successful activity and get 5,000 points now
*This activity can only earn points once per account.

9/ Follow Facebook Crocs Vietnam: click the follow icon in the Loyalty system, Crocs Vietnam's official Facebook page will appear shortly after, click on the follow icon to be recognized by the system for successful activity and get 5,000 points immediately.
*This activity can only earn points once per account.

10/ Get Push Notifications: Get 5,000 points instantly when you allow push notifications from Crocs Vietnam. Push notifications are notifications displayed on your computer screen containing advertising and news content from websites that you allow to receive notifications.

Click the lock icon at the link

Allow Push Notifications button

Wishing you have a great experience when shopping at Crocs Vietnam!