To express our gratitude to our valued customers for always trusting and accompanying Crocs Vietnam, Crocs would like to present to you the Online Loyalty Program with attractive benefits when shopping online at

I. Introducing Online Loyalty Program

Online Loyalty Program will bring you great shopping experiences at Crocs Vietnam. By accumulating points through interesting activities such as: visiting the website, reviewing products, purchasing at, following Crocs on social networking sites, etc. You will be able to redeem your points for pay for the next order, and determine the membership tier according to the earned points to receive more exclusive offers such as birthday offers, free shipping, priority to update new products, priority Buy early with attractive promotions,...

1. What are the conditions to join the Online Loyalty program ?

All customers who have registered an account at Website will be able to participate in the Crocs Vietnam Online Loyalty Program. Promotions of the program are only applied at Crocs Vietnam website.

2. How to become a member of the Online Loyalty program ?

For customers who already have an account at Crocs Vietnam website: Customers access the website, log in to their account, and access the Loyalty Rewards section to perform operations. Earn & redeem points.

For customers who do not have an account at Crocs Vietnam website: Please visit here to register. The information to be provided during the first registration includes:

+ First and last name

+ Email address

+ Phone number

+ Address

You will become a Crocs member immediately after creating an account at the Crocs Vietnam website and can start accumulating points.

***For a new Loyalty account created successfully the first time, this account will be immediately received a VND 100,000 voucher applied when shopping online at Crocs Vietnam website (please check your email inbox to receive the voucher).

II. Instructions for participating in earning points of the Online Loyalty program

1. How to earn points?

After becoming a Crocs member, you can start participating in Crocs Vietnam points activities. Points earned will be used to determine the respective Membership Tier and associated benefits. At the same time, you can use the earned points to pay for the next order. 

To earn points, you access the website, click the LOYALTY button on the left side of the screen and log in / register an account to access the Loyalty Program program, section Earn point.

Activities to earn points include:

Earn Points Activities
Welcome new member5,000To use bonus points, please create a Loyalty account here.
Visit website


Customers need to log in to their member account when accessing the website, the system will automatically record earned points. We give points for the first login of the day.
Leave a review by text500Applicable to customers who have successful orders on website and only recorded 01 review / product. In case the customer re-purchases with the reviewed product, this earn-point activity will not be recorded.

Leave a review by text and image


Applicable to customers who have successful orders on website and only recorded 01 review / product. In case the customer re-purchases with the reviewed product, this earn-point activity will not be recorded.

Goal orders10,000Apply for 5 successful orders* with bill from VND 500.000 / order
Follow Crocs Vietnam on Instagram5,000This activity only earns points 1 time for the account
Follow Crocs Vietnam on Facebook5,000This activity only earns points 1 time for the account
Allow Push notifications from Crocs Vietnam5,000Push notifications are notifications displayed on your desktop screen containing advertising and news content from websites that you allow to receive
Make a purchaseVND 100 = 1 point

Applicable to customers who have successful orders on website

Refer a friend

5,000Earn points are verified when the invited account has a successful order* with bill from VND 500.000


*A successful order is when the customer has received the goods and paid the full cost to Crocs Vietnam.

The earning points above will be recorded at the Online Loyalty system as follows:

+) Activities carried out from August 11, 2023 the system will record your successful earned points in the information "available points" and "lifetime points" so that you can exchange points when shopping and upgrade membership tier.

+) Activities carried out before August 11, 2023 the system will record your successful earned points in the information "available points" and "lifetime points" so that you can redeem points for shopping, but not for upgrading membership tier, except for making a purchase.

All activities to earn points will only be counted on a single email address that is registered as a Crocs Vietnam member.

In order for the system to record earned points after each successful activities, please follow these steps:

2. Regulations on earning points when making purchases at Crocs Vietnam

Earned points are calculated on the payment value of full price products or discounted products, excluding delivery charges.

Earned points will be updated to your Loyaty account within 24 hours after the order is successful (from the time the customer receives the product and pays the full cost of the order to Crocs Vietnam).

Customers only receive earned points according to the actual payment value of the order, not according to the order value. For example: You have an order of VND 1,000,000, make payment of VND 500,000 with earnd points and VND 500,000 in cash / transfer, the earned points from this order will be equivalent to the actual payment value (cash/transfer) of the order.

In case of exchange:

+) If you change to a product of higher value: the earned points you receive after completing the exchange process will be equal to the value of the goods that you have to compensate for the difference according to the conversion rate. point. Example: You bought product A worth VND 500,000 and received 5000 points. Then you change to product B worth VND 600,000 and you have to compensate for the difference of VND 100,000 and now you will receive an additional 1000 points equivalent to this additional VND 100,000 value.

+) If you change to a product of lower value: the earned points of the original product you have received remain unchanged and you will not be deducted points again. Because according to the return policy, you will not be able to receive a refund for the exchanged product of lower value.

In case of return - refund: previously received earned points will be deducted after completing the return & refund process.

III. Benefits of membership tier 

1. How many ranks are there for being a Crocs Vietnam Loyalty?

After becoming a Crocs member, customers can start accumulating points into their accounts. Members will be promoted immediately after accumulating enough points to achieve each rank.

Earn points will be maintained for a period of 365 days, counting from the time of making the last order. After 365 days, if you do not make any other successful purchases, the earned points will return to 0 and start earning points from the beginning.

The change in earning points will not affect the rank and corresponding membership benefits that you achieve.

2. What are the benefits of Online Loyalty program ?

Here are some special benefits corresponding to each membership tier of Crocs Vietnam:

One of the special benefits that all Crocs members regardless of rank can immediately use is the ability to redeem points at the checkout page to use for the next order. Besides that, this redeem will not affect the earning lifetime points that you have earned, nor will it affect the rank and benefits that you have previously earned. Please see instructions for redeeming points when shopping here.

IV. General regulations of the Online Loyalty program

+) Earned points for Online Loyalty are successfully verified when customers make purchases and perform activities through the website:

+) Customers must log in to their account before earning points via activities on website, go to Loyalty Rewards section to start collecting points.

+) Customers who have changed their personal information (especially contact information) please contact Customer Service for support.

+) Crocs Vietnam is not responsible for resolving the interests of customers if the information provided by customers is not complete and accurate.

+) Loyalty Program will not be applied in conjunction with some other programs.

+) Earning points cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another account, and cannot be redeemed in stores as well.

+) Not applicable to earn points when buying with Gift Voucher.

+) Not applicable for point-based payment.

+) Crocs Vietnam reserves the right to change the program rules without prior notice. Any changes will be publicly announced on the website

+) For any conflict, final resolution will be from Crocs Vietnam.

+) Please update your email to receive the latest offers for Online Loyalty.

V. Customer service

Contact Customer Care Department for instructions via one of the following ways:

Call Center: 1900 63 64 01 (from 09h00 to 18h00 daily)


Wishing you have a great experience when shopping at Crocs Vietnam!