Sandals Crocs Classic Crush creates a striking fashion moment for the wearer, the collection embodies the spirit of strong personal icons and confident self-expression. This pair of sandals is not only a product that elevates fashion style, but also creates a personality attraction to all eyes.


Turn on the dynamic mood with Crocs Classic Crush high heel sandals

Crocs Classic Crush Sandals With a great combination of style and utility, these sandals will help you shine and make a mark at every step.

Innovative, novel design

With a unique high sole, the  Crocs Classic Crush Sandals offer a fresh and modern look. Besides, this collection also has many trendy color versions to help you create a distinct and unmistakable style.

Accentuate with Jibbitz . range of accessories

The outstanding feature of the Crocs Classic Crush sandals is the dual straps with small holes for you to freely combine with diverse and colorful Jibbitz accessories. You can customize your favorite images, icons and add sandals to create your own highlight.

Buy genuine Crocs Classic Crush sandals at Crocs Vietnam

If you have been captivated by the individuality and uniqueness of Crocs Classic Crush sandals, make sure you purchase the right genuine product for a good experience with our Crocs brand. At Crocs Vietnam, you can find this version of the sandals in a full range of sizes and colors to suit your fashion sense.

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