Feel free to go at your own pace in these innovative and dynamic sneakers.

This next evolution of the Literide line features a premium Literide foam midsole that delivers maximum support where your feet need it most. The upper uses a molded Matlite Motion material with perforated patterns that mimic the look of knits, providing maximum breathability and flexibility.

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Enjoy comfort in men's Crocs Literide shoes

Using modern technology

Crocs has applied new modern technology to create ultra-lightweight shoes in the Crocs Literide men's collection. The improved literide padding has a softer, lighter texture than traditional Croslite cushioning. They have taken this collection to a new level of comfort.

Waterproof, quick dry

With absolute waterproof feature, regardless of weather conditions. Crocs Literide Men will bring you the most comfort and convenience.

Brings great comfort

You should try once to experience the super-soft mattress to feel exactly what Crocs brings. Undoubtedly a perfect blend of technology and unbelievable magic, the Crocs Literide men's cushioning offers a pleasant lightness and smoothness.

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