Crocs and L.O.L. Surprise bring sweet steps to your little one with the special collection Crocs x L.O.L Surprise

The combination of exciting surprises from L.O.L. and the standout fashion style of Crocs creates a limited edition with the desire to evoke curiosity and joy for children with each step, while also being a symbol of the love parents have for their child.


The Secret Inside The Crocs x L.O.L Surprise Box

In the magical world of Crocs x L.O.L. Surprise, the mystery not only exists within the box full of surprises and joy as in an L.O.L story, but the truly interesting thing hidden in this box is the discovery of the attitudes and perspectives towards little angels.

Confident in their creative footwear fashion design, Crocs brings unique products inspired by the world of L.O.L dolls. Additionally, the sparkling details on each product, from shoes to Jibbitz accessories, attract children's attention and arouse curiosity, encouraging self-discovery with each step.

With distinctive characters like L.O.L Diva, L.O.L Honeybun, L.O.L Bonbon, L.O.L Queen Bee, or L.O.L MC Swag, each doll reflects unique personalities, just like your little angels.

This is where every child can explore their own style and personality, just like the friends from the L.O.L world. 🌟👟🎀.

Crocs x L.O.L Conquering Your Child's Heart

Not only stopping at designs that catch your child's attention, the comfort with every step conquers your child's heart. The comfort and the feeling of snugness on every step make children feel happy and playful all day without feeling tired.

With Crocslite™ cushioning technology and safety protection with the shoe strap, this also demonstrates the care and protection of parents towards their children, a silent love for their children.

Parents' Choice For Boosting Confidence In Their Children

Following the success of previous limited editions such as Crocs x Hello Kitty and Crocs x Barbie, Crocs x L.O.L. Surprise will certainly be the colorful secret box for children. It will become the ideal companion for parents, always by their side to protect their beloved child.

Are you ready to explore the secret box of your little angel? Let your beloved child experience confidence with the Crocs x L.O.L style today!