Crocs always wants to create breakthroughs for each collection, and the launch of Crocs Dylan proves that. Are you ready to admire a modern, unique style with Crocs?

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Classic features hidden under a modern appearance

An extremely lovely advantage of this collection is that you no longer need to hesitate when choosing clothes. Because with Crocs Dylan, you can mix and match with all different types of outfits, as long as you like.

Delicately textured to replicate full-grain leather, the Crocs Dylan provides a luxurious feel while adding durability to the product. Leather shoes as a traditional symbol of elegance have now been innovated with a more unique and impressive image than ever before.

From street and leisure wear to office and school looks… just pair with Crocs Dylan and you'll get timeless style with great comfort. Brings confidence for you to stride on every journey of your own.

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