Enjoy the dynamism and youthfulness of Crocs women's high-soled flip-flops. Let's explore how Crocs has excellently combined convenience and fashion style in this unique product!

Women's Crocs Classic Platform Meta Pearl Flip
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Women's Crocs Classic Platform Flip
Regular price 1.095.000₫ Sale price766.500₫(30%)
Women's Crocs Platform Tie Dye Classic Flip
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Crocs women's high heel flip-flops - Enhance your fashion sense

Crocs high-heeled women's flip-flops bring more sophistication and appeal to active, comfortable everyday outfits.

Ideal height, outstanding style

Crocs Classic Platform is a new improved version of the classic Crocs Classic sandal line. In this version, the sandals have a higher sole and 6 ventilation holes on each strap for you to freely decorate with Jibbitz accessories, making the sandals unique. Designed by fashion experts, these high-soled women's Crocs flip-flops are not only a convenient product, but also bring a fashionable and modern touch.

Keep your feet comfortable all day long

When fashion meets comfort and convenience, the indispensable choice for individual style is Crocs high-heeled women's flip-flops. Not only does it have the ideal height, these sandals also bring comfort with soft cushioning using ultra-light Croslite material to help you stand out and be confident with every step.

Buy genuine Crocs women's high heel flip-flops at Crocs Vietnam

If you are interested in and love high-soled Crocs women's flip-flops, come immediately to the Crocs Vietnam store system nationwide or visit the website Coming to Crocs Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to experience Crocs products that ensure quality and highlight your personal style.

With Crocs, you don't have to compromise between fashion and utility - it's all perfectly combined through Crocs high-soled women's flip-flops. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your style and express your individuality with other collections such as Crocs Mega CrushCrocs Platform high heels or all the super attractive Crocs women's footwear products.