With a bold design, increased height and colorful graphics together create a version of Crocs style sweet but also very different. The Crocs Classic Crush collection brings you smoothness with a youthful and trendy style


Innovate style with Crocs Classic Crush

A new innovation from the classic Clog pairs you love. The Crocs Classic Crush Clog Shoe features an elevated heel to help you reinvent your style. Similar to the other product lines, the Crocs Classic Crush has a heel strap and holes in the upper so you can comfortably attach the Jibbitz on. Crocs Classic Crush is considered the personality and style version of Crocs Classic.

Ideal altitude

Elevate the fashion style with Crocs Classic Crush when possessing a more prominent design, the base of this collection is especially high and has a fresh color. They help you increase your height and become the highlight of every fun.

When you wear the Crocs Classic Crush, you will feel extremely comfortable. Besides, they also become an accessory to help you stay up to date with trends, stay confident wherever you are.

Highlight your "personality"

Transform your favorite shoes in a new look - Crocs Classic Crush is dynamic and makes you confident to show your "personality". Don't forget to use Jibbitz accessories to freely decorate the Crocs.

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With this unique new look, you will own for yourself stylish Crocs Classic Crush sandals or Crocs Classic Crush slide from the original Crocs Classic Crush collection at very good prices.

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