Explore a new magical dimension with Crocs x Jujutsu Kaisen! This is not just footwear, but also a door that opens up adventures in the vivid Anime world.

You will be accompanied by your favorite characters, experiencing every feature of the exciting world of Jujutsu Kaisen.


Become a Spellcaster with Crocs x Jujutsu Kaisen

Bringing Anime style to real life

Crocs' feature point not only in realizing Jujutsu Kaisen into a fashion footwear product, but also in the connection between Anime style in the virtual world and reality. Each product is a harmonious combination of attractive fashion and flexible application, helping you express your confidence and unique style of the Anime world.

Get creative with Jibbitz Jujutsu Kaisen

In addition to the Jibbitz available on shoes/slippers, you can further decorate your Crocs with a set of 5 Jibbitz accessories including famous characters in the movie Jujutsu Kaisen such as: Itadori Yuji, Kugisaki Nobara, Fushiguro Megumi, Ryomen Sukuna and Satoru Gojo.

Jibbitz Jujutsu Kaisen is not only a decorative accessory, but also a way for you to express your special love for your favorite characters. Turn your shoes into a personal work, each step will be unique and express your own personality.

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